Conference Report Session IV: (Re)presentation of Knowledge

Posted: September 26, 2010 at 8:47 pm  |  By: Tobias Prüwer  |  Tags: , , ,

Rainer Hammwöhner: Aspects of global Wikipedia und Wikimedia commons

The orator takes some raw data of Wikipedia authors’ mother tongues – as has been claimed by them – to talk about the differences between Wikipedia in different languages. He uses the example of the entries “Sachsen”/”Saxony” in the German and English Wikipedia to show how diverse the categorizations might be: In the English version, the German federal state is strongly linked with the (early) medieval Saxon people, which is not the case in the German Wikipedia. Having given such an illustrative picture of Wikipedia differences, the orator asks, if the English Wikipedia functions as something like a global blackboard. He suggests that this must be denied – his random sample cannot proof it. Read the rest of this entry »

Konferenzbericht Session IV: Wissens(re)präsentationen

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Autorin: Anne Martin

Rainer Hammwöhner: Wikipedia und Wikimedia-Commons als globale Repositorien

Das emanzipatorische Potential der Wikipedia, die Demokratisierung der Deutungshoheit, wird von Rainer Hammwöhner im Hinblick auf die unterschiedliche Partizipation verschiedener Sprach- und Kulturräume und die Spezifitäten der jeweiligen Wikipedien mit Hilfe empirischer Befunde kritisch hinterfragt. Read the rest of this entry »

Conference Report Session I: History and Politics of Free Knowledge

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Author: Stefan Merten

I enjoyed the first session of the German language CPOV conference Wikipedia: Ein kritischer Standpunkt. In fact to me it was one of the most interesting of all five sessions. Here is a report about this session which has been attended by about 100 persons. It took place on Saturday, September 25th 2010 in Leipzig.

Ulrich Johannes Schneider: Forms of Production of Networked Knowledge since the Enlightenment

The session started with a very interesting and relevant talk by Ulrich Johannes Schneider. Read the rest of this entry »